Where Are The Real Heroes?


The above picture is of two of my heroes. Real men that fought racism, stood up for African American people in dark times, and helped create change we all benefit from today. Don’t get it twisted, these are what real men look like, and what is news worthy. No disrespect to Jason Collins, but I don’t agree with the media labeling him a hero. Nowadays someone coming out as being gay has become like getting shot in the hood, or dropping out of school, because it happens everyday b (Cam’ron Voice). Your business is just that, your business, and should be kept that way.

I don’t care who’s gay anymore than I care what is your preference when it comes to what kinda car you like to drive, or what dipping sauce you prefer with your chicken nuggets, who cares? Now, let’s dig a little deeper, why is it that the media always feels the need to broadcast “news” of African American males coming out the closet, going to jail for not paying taxes, killing each other, and etc. Last time I checked “news” is something actually worth discussing, and someone being gay at this point is a boring conversation piece.

It’s really a mental game to keep our heads filled with images of African American males as weak, pathetic, and keep our stature in question. Why can’t the “news” discuss black men achievements instead, such as feeding the homeless, saving lives and etc? Read between the lines and stop taking everything at face value. There’s way more in motion than you think, and these images are constantly fed to our communities in the “news” and music videos that girls should be with girls, and black men should be with black men.

So we have a bunch of confused young people that go along with the wave while being raised by false media images. Young girls talking about “that’s my boo/girlfriend” and they don’t even know what their sexual preference is because all they know is it sounds cool to say it. We gotta do better people. We need more real heroes.